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Honda CL350 Scrambler Ride and Review

We found this 1970 Honda CL350 on Craigslist, refurbished it mechanically, gave it a good cleaning and now use it regularly. As it turns out, a 50-year-old motorcycle can teach us a lot about machinery, ourselves and the joy of riding.
Darryll Dodson : Great video and coverage on this topic. I've ridden dozens of these 60-70's vintage Hondas and never once have they left me stranded. However, I've had a fuel pump die on an 80's bike.
Deepankar Singh : Well narrated , classy video.keep up the good work
Ken Kozma : That was a pleasant video. I like the idea of an old Honda CL350.
Jasonw7018 : Great video! My first bike was a 1972 350 Honda Scramler. I got it from my uncle who bought it new in 1972 in Flint Michigan. I bought it from him in 1990 with 150 original miles on it and enjoyed it emensley for 2 year before i sold it (one of my life's biggest regrets) Here I am 30 years later looking for another one that me and my son can restore so he can hopefully enjoy it as much as I did back in the day. Hearing that engine and seeing that bike has has brought back so many memories for me. Thanks for the video!
E : something about the Twins simplicity and ability to haul 80 really hits it for me.
All shortcomings can be addressed with a disc 350 Front end or go for a 360. Get a 1/4 fairing! : ) Excellent summary into vintage bikes.
Hari Yanto : Nice bike..sir...there is only several bikes like this in Indonesia..
Hunter Harry : Couldnt have said it better myself
lukepaterno : Great video! Well-written and filmed.
Charlie Cornell : Algorithm comment, make more videos like this! Honda specific!
Bob Beahen : Wow! That was a beautiful trip; such amazing words. I just picked up a 73 CL450 as my first bike, and I can't wait to get it rolling and experience all it can offer.

CMC Bike Tours: Ben's 1972 Honda CL350 K4

The bikes built by necessity really get us going over here at Common Motor. In our 3rd installment of CMC bike tours, we show off Ben's 1972 "Candy Panther" CL350 K4 Scrambler, which if you did not know is actually the original paint color name straight from Honda back in 1972. Ben's CL350 is a rider and that's what we love over here at Common Motor, no-frills, purpose-built to be driven day in and day out. Every vintage motorcycle and vintage motorcycle owner has a story, from how they bought it, to the crazy circumstances they have been put in trying to get from point A to B. We love hearing the war stories, moments of tears and the "way bigger list of parts than I thought it would be" from every rider we meet.

What is the Natchez Trace Parkway?

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a 444-mile scenic parkway that links Natchez with Nashville and crosses some of the most beautiful terrains in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. The Parkway has been declared a National Scenic Byway and is open year-round to motorists.

Ride The Natchez Trace NOW:

Part 1:
Part 2:


CB /CL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kits:
Angled Boot Pod Air Filters:


CB350/CL360 Front Drum Brake Shoes:
CB350/CB360 Rear Drum Brake Shoes:


CB350/CB360 Replacement Headlight Bucket/ Bulb Kit:
LED H4 Bulb:
Ignition Coils:
Ignition Condenser:
Gemini Condenser Upgrade Kit:
CB350/CB360/CB450 Spark Plugs:


CMC Camshaft/Rocker Arms Rebuild Service:
CB/CL350 Overhaul Gasket Kit:
CB/CL350 Oil Seal Kit:
Honda CB350 \u0026 CB360 Intake and Exhaust Valves:
Roller Drive Chain:
Electric Starter Delete Kit:
CB/CL350 Shifter:
Cylinder Hones:
CB350 Cam Chain Tensioner Kit:
CB/CL/SL350 Piston Rings:
CB350 Lower Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit:
CB350 Upper Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit:
CB350 Wrist Pin Clips:
Hondabond 4:
Anti-seize Lubricant:


CB350 Throttle Cable:
Honda Drum Brake Cable:
Honda Clutch Cable:
CB350 Tachometer Cable:
Speedometer Cable:
GT Grips:
Super Bike Bars:


Scrambler Mufflers:
Honda Factory Style Rear Shocks:
Swing Arm Bushing: Coming Soon


Vintage Scrambler Style Tires:
Vintage Street Style Tires:
Modern Street Style Tires:

Tire Inner Tubes \u0026 Rim Strips:
photographerjonathan : My father bought this bike new way back in 1972, same color, and then I owned it for a while, but for some reason I can't remember what happened to it in the end because it was many years ago. but I always liked the bike. Did the guy you bought it from buy it new ? or 2nd hand, because when I see your bike it makes me wonder if its possible that your bike could be the same bike I once had, you never know. does the book say who originally purchased it. or where it was originally purchased ? enjoy the bike.
E : 1 person is a douche
ranjit r : Who starts bike with side stand on ?
Delmas Criss : Do you have or do anything with the 4 cly. Bikes of that era
Jake Fin : did you have to change the jets when you changed to pod filters?
Monman : Did you just change the mufflers on the exhaust. Seems like the originals all rot out. Mine have :-(
Andrew Murray : Super badass! Especially love that rear rack
Spencer Hall : Sweet ride man
Jim Flammer : Great video
Christopher Chase : These are hilarious! More please!

1973 Honda CL350

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Mike Schoeffter : Rode the shit outta a gold one for 30 years with no probs, nuf said !!
Hrc Honda hrc :
Steve Hacker : If you guys offered shirts that read, “Kaplan Cycles - ‘Good Luck Finding A Nicer One’ “ , I would TOTALLY buy it! LOL! Seriously! I would!
mokokawi : Such a nice find and Great bike :)
Bryan Dorman : Have a 72 CL350, my dad and I rode it all over when I was very young. Great memories on it
Joe Godzilla : Had A 69 model, it was a great little bike.
54macdog : I like how these bikes which were just run of the mill Japanese bikes back in the day, are now recognised as classics.
Mark Collins : Man, that bike looks like a scrambler, nice !
J Sm : That's a old bike, better wear a helmet, always safety first
Nick James : I have a 73 I love it. Some bastards stole it and completely destroyed it by stripping off the paint and cutting up the wiring harness after the cops found it I was so sad but I have managed to put it back together and make it really nice again of course the paint job is gone and I had to get new side covers




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